Nursing Homes In Madison WI

We know that choosing the proper healthcare option and nursing homes in Madison WI to satisfy your requirements is essential. With Madison Elder Care, you'll come across a continuum of care and services so that you may get the needed level of attention that most closely matches your wants and preferences.

Nursing Homes In Madison WI

Care and support providers at our nursing homes in Madison are coordinated from level to level, setting to setting, as per the requirement or needs of the person.

From day health and assisted living services to skilled nursing/post-hospital care within our health center, our team of professionals provides compassionate care with attention to every detail. Whether for a few days, a few weeks, or for as long as you need us...It is comforting to know there are perfect nursing homes in Madison to which you can turn for help.

We are delighted to announce our campus will soon expand to add memory care providers. Our caregivers will be specially trained to care using care elements that are recognized and innovative, and to work with.

Our Services

Amazing Atmosphere

Amazing Atmosphere

Seniors live in a secure and quiet home with healthy food and professional care from our nurses. We provide a variety of recreational activities, trips, and outdoor facilities to enhance the quality of life.

Courteous & Caring Staff

Latest Medical Care

Residents receive the latest proper healthcare from the best professionals care providers. We stay informed regarding changes and updates in medical procedures, health insurance, and other medical care options.

Courteous & Caring Staff

Courteous & Caring Staff

Our staff is trained and skilled at providing the best care for the residents, focusing on the importance of basic human interaction. Courtesy and respect are our priority to ensure a positive patient experience.

Yoga For Relaxation

Yoga For Relaxation

Our instructors provide exercises to keep our residents’ strong and healthy. Yoga for Seniors combines postures, deep breathing, and relaxation activities to promote mind-body connection.

Assisted Living Support

Assisted Living Support

Our assisted living services provide complete assistance to aging individuals for eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, and transportation. Facilities around the community are accessible and all staff is cheerful and helpful.

Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Hospice care and palliative services provide physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care for dying persons and offering psychosocial and spiritual counseling to their families.

Personal Alternatives for Convenience, Privacy, and Comfort:

Semi-private and Personal suites with walk-in showers and full baths

24-hour emergency call response system

Assistance with the activities of daily living (grooming, dressing, etc..)

Housekeeping and laundry services

Medication administration/reminders

Reminders for activities and meals

A variety of social and recreational applications

Therapy services and quality skilled nursing available on campus

Simple access to the living-dining room and entertainment areas

Restaurant cuisine featured throughout Taste of the Town events

Restaurant-style dining with a variety and meals of alternative food choices

Mobility support as needed

Much more!


Nursing homes in Madison with Memory Maintenance

In communities dedicated to each person, our nursing homes in Madison offer memory care solutions as well.

We believe that a life lived is one rich in experiences, surrounded by individuals to duly care for each other. 

We think that every story matters and that every person's story is exceptional. 

We believe in the value of what we do, and that we care for. 

And our services at our nursing homes in Madison are based on such beliefs.

Whether you're about our Legacy Lane in our health centers, or in our expanded memory care areas, The Legacy, situated in our campus grounds, you will find welcoming suites, individualized plans, and the most advanced features, all built to give dignity, comfort, and delight to every individual who walks through our doors. 

Thank you for your consideration of Madison Elder Care. 

Please give us a call to schedule a tour of our nursing homes in Madison.

Our Testimonials

Maria Elaine


"There are many facilities and recreational activities in the home, which helped us feel at ease. Staff is welcoming to us guests and courteous to the residents all the time."

Antonio Marco


"We learned that the home provides the latest healthcare options to the residents. We’re glad we found the right nursing home right here in Madison that shows true compassion to seniors. "

Angelika Mae


"They provided us complete assistance and made sure we understood our decisions well. The tours helped us feel at ease knowing we are under the care of the best nursing home in Madison."

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Eldercare Madison specializes in providing care for individuals requiring long-term care services in a residential facility. We offer personal care and medical services to residents and their families, as well.

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