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Hospice Care Madison WI is specialized palliative care for people who have a severe condition expected to live less than six months. We strive to improve patients' quality of life once they have chosen to stop seeking curative treatment.

Often, there is a misconception about hospice care that the patient's family has given up, and hospice is a final option. However, hospice is a resource for people to focus on the patient and family's wishes. This specialized care and support create ease and comfort for the patient and the family.

Hospice care is a combined treatment that addresses the patient's clinical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and it gives importance to their goals and wishes for end-of-life care. Therefore, patients are allowed to live out their remaining days, weeks, and months more comfortably than they would if they had continued seeking curative treatment until the point of death.

While hospice care Madison concentrates on a patient that has a severe condition, the patient's family and caregiver are also supported by means of:

  • Education
  • Assistance with daily care
  • Opportunities for respite care
  • Emotional, spiritual, and long-term grief support


  1. Hospice allows severely ill people and their families to remain together in the comfort and dignity of a familiar environment, such as their home, nursing facility, hospital, or hospice facility.
  2. Hospice helps treat pain and symptom to allow the patient to be comfortable and pain-free possible.
  3. Hospice care respects and focuses on the patient's choices about end-of-life care.
  4. Hospice also cares for the entire family and not just the patient.
  5. It focuses on the quality of life, not on quantity.
  6. People who decide to receive hospice care may live longer compared to those who have similar diagnoses who do not choose hospice.
  7. Hospice provides a team of professionals and volunteers to care for patients and their families who are suffering a life-limiting condition.
  8. Many hospices in Madison, WI, offer financial relief as it is a cost-effective option to the expensive hospitals and traditional institutional care.

If you think you have a good understanding of hospice care for your family, you may gather as a family with this checklist to make sure you have taken these steps:

  1. The patient has discussed or written down his/her wishes for near the-end-of-life care.
  2. The patient has completed and signed an advance instruction or a living will. You need to read it and know where to look for it.
  3. Someone has to call hospice care in Madison or ask the patient's doctor for a referral.
  4. Someone has to make decisions if the patient cannot talk.
  5. You should know how hospice care can help you care for your loved one. You have discussed the spiritual needs of the patient and your family.
  6. The patient has decided where he/she wants to receive the treatment.
  7. Someone has to be the primary caregiver while the patient is at home.
  8. You have discussed with the patient about handling the pain and guide the hospice team members on the patient's wishes near the end of life.
  9. Made a list of practical questions to ask your hospice team to get organized and prepare for hospice.
  10. You fully understand that this will be a challenging time for the family, and you know there is emotional support available.
  11. You have researched and figured out how hospice will be paid for.


Your healthcare provider and Hospice Care Madison WI can help you determine if hospice care is right for your loved one. You can call our hotline number or visit our office.